7 Tips to Make Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Dogs are the loyal animals. They love and care you even if you give them anything in return. Also, everyone loves to see the dog running happily around the home, showing love, licking your hand, and much importantly making you smile.

So, following are the few tips for making the dogs happy and healthy.

1. Treat your dog with toys

Just as your kids, your dogs also love to play with new toys. Often, they get bored by using the same kind of toys and if you can provide them sufficient toys for maintaining their toy cycle, instead of using same toys, again and again, try rotating the toys. This will help in keeping them happy.

2. Give him a bath

Not each dog wants to have a bath but the regular baths can help then to feel fresh while keeping the allergens away. Depending on the breed of your dog, bathing two or three times in a month is the perfect for your dog. In fact, you will also love to see the healthy and lean dog playing around you.

3. Let your dog socialize

Dogs love being social. Meeting with new people and their dogs can aid in boosting their morale. If you keep your dog only at home, this can make him inimical. Also, if he becomes too much introvert, try not to introduce him to new people. If you introduce him to new people, only one at a time, this will keep him abroad and calm.

4. Use the energy of your dog wisely

Keep your dog in a happy mood and on the best behavior of your dog frequently needs more than only a quick walk in your home’s backyard, whenever works well for you. Who wouldn’t love to have a walk in evening? So, Taking the dog for a pleasant walk in the park, doing jogging with him and playing with him different games are the excellent ways of giving him the physical exercise that he needs. Keep in mind that, various breeds of dogs have a different level of energy so be sure that getting the vet’s advice about our dog’s exercise routine, is important.

5. Maintain the hygiene of your dog

Healthy dogs are the happy dogs. Visiting the vet on regular basis are important for the health of your dog. Keep your dog clean as it helps in preventing many health problems. It is during the regular check-ups that the vet diagnoses as well as treat the problem properly.

6. Feed your dog with a nourishing food

For good health, a healthy diet is quite important. While deciding what is the best food for your dog, think about his age and his energy level. You are also required to consider some food items such as pumpkins, green beans, peanut butter and oatmeal for bringing change in the food routine of your dog.

7. Train your dog

Dogs are the fantastic animals which learn a lot faster. Even if they are old or are not much obedient to their owners, they can be made your way easily. After all, they are really good at learning new tricks. Training your dog in new ways while spending a good time with him and making your bond with him much stronger really makes him happy. Also, if you don’t have any idea where to start from, you can consult the certified trainers for getting help as he will guide in the best way possible to make you feel good with your pet.

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