5 Important Questions to Ask Your (Potential) English Bulldog Breeder

First, please consider rescuing an adult Bulldog. There are a number of rescue organizations which provide foster care for Bulldogs and try to place them in new homes. Visit EnglishBulldog.net for more English Bulldog information.

English Bulldog1) How long have they been breeding & how much experience they have with the breed (and how many litters have they produced)?

2) Why are they breeding, what are their short term goals and long term goals and what are they doing to approach those goals? Their goals should include health, temperament, and conformation to the breed standard. (Remember that a “Ch” title only relates to conformation).

3) What health problems have they had in dogs they have owned/sold, what ages have their dogs lived to (all their dogs, the minimum age and the average age NOT the one dog that lived until it was 13. If they say “we’ve never had any health problems” they are either lying or they don’t followup on their dogs. Find a new breeder)?

4)Have they done genetic testing applicable to the breed and what were the results to these tests (talking to several breeders will give you a feel for whether a breeder is being honest with you)?

5) Do they offer a health guarantee with the puppy, what are its terms, and what does it cover?

And remember that all your newfound patience will come in handy when you obtain a new puppy or adult dog.

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