3 Steps To Creating An Outdoor Paradise For Your Dog

If you are considering adopting a dog from a shelter, you are in for a treat. Dog’s can quickly become your best friend and enrich your life in so many ways. But before you bring your canine friend home, you need to get your home up to scratch. While there are plenty of adjustments you can make to the inside of your home, it’s just as important to prepare your outdoor space too. Your yard is where your new dog will spend lots of time, so it needs to be safe and secure. Follow these three steps to create an outdoor area your new dog will love.

Inspect your plants

The plants in your garden may look beautiful, but some of them may be poisonous to your new dog. Young dogs in particularly are known to use their mouths to discover new things. This interest can lead to them accidentally consuming poisonous plants. So you need to do some research to see if the plants in your yard are safe. You might need to replace some with more dog-friendly options. Thorns and sharp branches on plants can also cause injury to a dog. These should be cut back or removed. In addition to this, remove rat poison pellets and start using a pesticide-free weed killer.

Create a play area

Regardless of what age your new dog is, they need to have stimulation. Your yard needs to be a place that exercises their mind and body, while also being fun. Talk to other dog owners, the shelter or your vet for their ideas on how you can accomplish this. You might want to include Tether Tug Dog Toys or create an assault course area in your yard. You could buy or build tunnels, fences and ramps which your dog has to navigate around. Treat balls  and problem-solving games are also fantastic. Get creative and consider the age and health of your new dog to give you further ideas.

Add some shade

Having shade and shelter is essential when you’re creating a canine paradise outside. These areas can protect your dog from the sun and rain and gives them somewhere to rest after exercising. You could position large plants in a shaded corner. Or add a suitably sized dog house that they can access easily. This too should be placed out of direct sunlight. Having this area will let them feel comfortable and stops them from destroying your flower beds in the process. Make sure that you include a water bowl in this area too to keep your dog hydrated. Also, check that the fences or walls near to this area don’t have holes or gaps that they can squeeze through.

Many shelters will inspect your property before allowing you to bring your new pet home. If it is not up to their standards, they can temporarily postpone or prevent you from rehoming this dog. So following these steps and making the necessary changes beforehand is crucial. Look for more advice in pet books and online to see what other things you can do.


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