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When discussing your kitty cat’s health and what to feed them the question always comes up—Is it better to feed my adult cat wet or dry food? Some vets are against dry foods, other vets have different opinions as to wet vs. dry—or some combination of both.

Answer: many people rely on dry food because it is cheaper, easy to store, and they can leave it out all day for the cat to nibble on. (Can lead to obesity). Dry food does help with their teeth, depending on the brand/kind. Reading the label is a must.

Canned wet food on the other hand helps develop strong bones and muscles.

Some vets would have you give them both, i.e. ½ can of wet daily and dry. Wet is more expensive.

You should discuss this with your vet, depending on size and breed of cat, as to their recommendation.

Now having touched on wet vs. dry, let’s take a look at dry cat food and the calorie count ranges of just 12 of the many brands available. By the way, pet obesity is a serious problem affecting over ½ the dogs and cats in the US. (That’s a big number!) Helping your cat maintain a healthy weight is an import part of regular cat care.

Advanced Pet Diets 331-421
Authority – 6 types 344-420
AvoDerm – 3 types 388-459
Blue Longevity – 3 types 337-397
Blue Spa Select –7 types 487-587
Doctors Foster&Smith – 4 types 430-500
Eukabana – 9 types 484-570
Friskies – 7 types 399-420
Hills Prescription Diet – 18 types 278-542
Purina – various categories and types 272-592
Royal Canin – various types 182-533
Iams – 20 types 260-520

So, not a straight forward answer either way. Some of the decision will come down to personal preference (yours or your cat’s) but certainly feeding decisions should be made in consultation with your veterinarian. He or she will be in the best position to advise you on the optimal diet for your cat based on his/hers age, weight, lifestyle, and overall health.

And oh yes—remember, regardless of what food you end up feeding your precious cat, always have plenty of fresh clean WATER on hand.

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