Some tips about how to take care of a cat you have just bought

So you’re searching through the newspaper or websites like when you come across an advert that reads Cats for Sale. You pause and stare at the black and white picture of fluffy little companions are looking for someone like you to take them home. Then anxiety strikes at the idea: Can I take care of a cat?

Relax. Looking after a cat is not as tricky as you may have thought at first. Cats are very independent creatures and they don’t require much from you in addition to your love.The basics of cat care start with purchasing cat food, of course. Most of your leading brands of cat food are very inexpensive and usually have corn and soy as major ingredients. However corn is considered very unhealthy for cats. The best solution is typically to aim for brands that have less corn. You can determine this easily by looking at the ingredients on the bag. Brands that eliminate corn completely and are high in protein are generally more expensive than the leading brands. If it gets out of your price range try aiming for a brand that doesn’t include corn as its first ingredient. Aiming for brands with actual meats in their ingredients are generally better for your cat.

The next step to consider when contemplating buying a cat is the litter box. Litter boxes are available with covers to lock in any odours and ensure your cat’s privacy. It’s also best to change the cat’s litter as regularly as possible depending on how many cats you own. Cats are naturally very clean creatures, so cleanliness is not a concern when owning one.

Cat Care TipsBeyond your basic care your cat should also go to the veterinarian once a year. This is usually not very expensive, since you just need basic vaccines and check-ups. The vaccines generally consist of rabies and feline leukaemia. De-worming your cat is one important part of general care. Cats acquire worms for different reasons. If you have bought a cat or if you find a stray, you’re not going to know the cats complete history. With this in mind you should know the symptoms, which include low weight from the worms absorbing most of the cat’s nutrients. Tapeworms are identifiable when small white particles come out of your cats behind. As unpleasant as the various types of worms in cats are, they are easy to treat. There are medications available at your local pet store for roundworms, which are the most common, and other types. Your veterinarian can often prescribe the best medication for eliminating the worms easily.

Fleas are another important red flag in your cat’s health. They can be ingested by cats in the course of grooming and can cause tapeworms. They can also be detrimental to your cat’s skin, especially if your cat is extra sensitive a condition known as dermatitis. You can treat fleas in multiple ways; if in doubt ask advice from a vet. They are often hard to control because they multiply so quickly. Keeping your cats indoors, keeping your house and pets clean can help prevent the issue. If your cat does get fleas, they are not deadly. Mostly, they’re just a nuisance.As unpleasant as some parts of pet care can be, all-in-all you’re most likely going to be a lot happier than not for responding to a cats for sale opportunity. Cats typically require simple care and provide more love and entertainment than trouble.

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