Simple Ways to Cure Cat Dandruff

Our readers frequently ask us about ways to combat the issue of cat dandruff. The incidence of  this problem is on the rise lately and cat owners might find it hard to handle this (especially if the cat is black in color). However there are several home remedies that can prevent/cure the dandruff issue in cats. Taking timely action based on the symptoms and the environment can completely cure/prevent cat dandruff.

Almost all the dandruff issues in cat are linked to four major factors:

  • Unusual and sudden weight gain
  • Insufficient nutrients in the food
  • A severe winter
  • Change in the carpet or furniture

Cat DandrugffA sudden weight gain in an aged cat will usually result in the dandruff issue, the reason is the sudden inability of the cat to reach all the areas in the body to clean itself. Aged cats will usually lack the flexibility to completely groom itself. If the dandruff is because of this reason then frequent brushing would help. Grooming your cat once a month will also help. If your cat is not averse to the idea of bathing, then bathe her once every couple of months. However never use human shampoos, as using a human shampoo might dry her skin further and worsen her condition. There are several good natural cat shampoos available in the market; use a good natural shampoo and thoroughly wash off the shampoo while giving her a bath.

Lack of essential oils in the diet might result in dandruff, try to add supplements rich in essential oils like omega-3 fatty acids. Changing the diet to a high quality canned food along with fish oil is a very effective home remedy.

A cold and dry winter might also cause dandruff in cats. Most cats will spend a lot of time around the fire place during the winters, and this might result in dry skin and flaking. It is better to move her away from the fireplace, and it is also better to use a humidifier to maintain optimum humidity during the winters.

Sometimes a change in carpet/furniture might be the cause of the dandruff in your cat, so carefully assess the environment and make the necessary adjustments.

There are a few dedicated and highly reliable online resources with a lot of information related to cat dandruff like , check the website for all the information you need to handle the cat dandruff problem.

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