Lovely Munchkins Make Great Pets

The moment you see them you are confused, but as soon as you get to know them, inevitably they become your friend. The munchkin cat has a long body and short legs, just like a dachshund. It is not like any other cat; its short legs make it very distinctive. Because of the fact that their distinctive shape is the result of a mutation, there is still heavy debate over how ethical their breeding is.


The Munchkin CatThere were reports of cats with similar traits already in the 1930s in England, but they were forgotten during the Second World War. The ancestors of today’s munchkin can be traced back to a black cat that was found in Louisiana around 1982.

They slowly became more popular, but they are still rare today, and in some parts of the world breeding them is not allowed. Because they are still a new breed, it is not well known how much of a threat their short legs pose to their well-being, especially to their spine’s health, but most munchkins live a healthy and long life.

The munckin’s short legs do not prevent movement, but the cat cannot jump as high as other cats, thus making them ideal to keep them indoors. Also, because they can’t jump, it is best to keep them indoors only, as the outside world may pose threats for them.


Munchkin cats are active, lively and playful and they are very social and affectionate. They adore their owner. They are an easy to care breed, especially the short-haired variety.

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