Kitten Training Explained

Bringing home a cute ball of fluff (otherwise known as a kitten) is always an exciting addition to anyone’s family. Now I know you didn’t forget the food dish with pouting fish to be sure that your kitten dines in fashion, and of course, you didn’t forget the litter box. You’re all set, right?

In the beginning your new kitten sniffed out every place in its reach. It ate half the bag of cat food, and had been faithfully breaking in its brand new litter box. Now you have noticed your new cuddle monster breaking in to more things then you intended.

When trying to correct cat problems, there are a few more things you should consider doing. Believe it or not, you are not the only person to need some tips on kitten training after bringing your new furry friend home.

How does one approach kitten training? How do you keep your kitten from jumping on the counters, climbing the walls, biting your hands and feet, wrestling on your tabletops and turning your brand new furniture into confetti? How do you train a kitten not to destroy your home?

Calm down and breathe, you’re not the only person to have encountered moster kitten syndrome. To start the adventures of kitten training there are a few investments you’ll want to purchase. First and foremost, you’ll want to preserve your furniture and buy a scratching post. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, any simple one from you local pet store will work.

What do you do if this fearsome little beast is still destroying your household belongings? If you catch her in the act, you should gently rub her paws along her new scratching post imitating the scratching she does on your couch or table or chairs.

Then caress her and let her know how pleased you are with her. It may require many repetitions, but after a while your new little one will begin to comprehend what it is you want her to do.

Next, get an aluminum can, fill it with rocks and put tape over the opening. And the next time you catch kitten in a place he shouldn’t be, such as wrestling with your newspaper on the kitchen table, shake the can loudly. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt him, but he’ll know every time he does something “naughty” he’ll hear a loud scary sound.

And a final note in kitten training is how to deal with the age old issue of kitten bites. Whenever you catch your kitten becoming unruly with your hands or feet give him a toy to replace your skin with. Any standard kitten toy will do such as a fur mouse or jingle bell ball.

Okay. You now know the essential elements of kitten training. Remember to let your kitten know how much you love him or her. Praise your pet for good behavior. Use positive reinforcement to create a strong bond with your cat for years to come. Your kitten and you, both, will be happier. Your pet will give you hours of enjoyment and will show you unconditional love.

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