Kitten Training Books – Key Points About Your Kitten

If you have recently adopted a kitten, there are some things you should know about cat behavior problems so that you can help your new kitty settle in properly. In doing so, you will be preventing the kind of avoidable frustrations that often beset new cat parents and that can result in a cat or kitten being returned to the shelter or breeder.

One of the first things you should consider when adopting a kitten is what supplies your will need. Before bring your pet home, you should be equipped with a litter box and litter, food and a few toys. It is also helpful to have a few kitten training books available for quick reference. These can be found at any pet store or local library.

Be patient and allow your kitten some time to become familiar with its new home. Cats and kittens are quite sensitive and aren’t always receptive to new sights, sounds and smell. Don’t be alarmed if your kitten hides under furniture for a few days. This is normal behavior and the best way to handle it is to relax and allow your new pet a few days to feel comfortable its new surroundings.

Be sure to research potential problems such as scratching before they become a problem. According to most common kitten books, each cat requires two or more scratching posts. They don’t have to be fancy, cheap cardboard ones will do, or your cats might prefer a kitty condo. In the end, it is more important that you have the scratching posts than the kind you have.

Another vital area is the litter box. You do not have to teach a kitten to utilize the litter box since they know to use it instinctively; although, they can be picky about the conditions of the litter box. Locate the litter box in an area away from any loud noises.

Also keep kids and other animals away from the litter box. You can by the same variety of liter that is utilized by the animal shelter or breeder. To keep down on odor, clean out the litter box frequently.

Don’t be in too big of hurry to introduce your new pet to other pets in your household. Keep you kitty in a bedroom or bathroom for a couple of days and let the other pets sniff him under the door.

You may hear some hissing and scratching for awhile, but don’t worry. It’s normal pet behavior. One way to introduce and old cat to a new cat is by feeding them together. That way each will associate the pleasure of eating with the other which will help them to bond.

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