How do I get my kitten to play and does anyone have any training tips?

I found a 10-12 month old kitten roaming the streets and took him in. I think he’s lived on the streets most, if not all, of his life because Alex doesn’t know what toys are or even how to play. I’ve tried the “going fishing” toy and balls with bells and even fluffy balls but he’ll just walk by or look at me funny as if to say “what are you doing?”

Is there any way I can get him to start playing?

Also I’m trying to train him from jumping on the table when the family eats. I spray him with some water, it works but when I’m gone my roommate doesn’t like to use the spray bottle because she thinks its cruel. Are there any other methods she can use so his training doesn’t go to waste?

I’ve also tried an empty pop can with some pennys taped inside and shake that, it only worked once. I’ve also been trying time outs where he gets put in the bathroom for a few mintues but he never learns his lesson from that.

Any tips?

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