Cooper the Puppy Cat Does the Roll Over Trick

How to train your cat (or dog) to roll over. It is recommended that your cat knows how to lie down on command before learning to roll over. Steps: 1. Have your cat in the “lay” or “lie down” position 2. Hold a treat low and in front of his face so that he is captivated by it. The treat is your lure. Initially, your cat may try to bite or pounce on the treat, so you may want to use a long treat or hold a small treat with a toothpick or chopsticks. 3. Move the treat towards one side of his face just out of his biting range (see video). Make sure you are moving it just slow enough so that his eyes and head can follow it. 4. Move the treat in a circular fashion behind his neck, again just slightly out of his biting range (see video). As his head turns to follow the treat, so will his body. Step #4 will probably be the most difficult step for your furbaby to follow. So please be patient and experiment with the half-circular/elliptical hand motion. ***Cheat sheet: If you are having lots of trouble with step 4, you can help your furbaby out a little bit by laying your cat on his side, and then performing the motion.*** 5. Say “yes!” (or click if you clicker train) as his paws land on the floor, and lavishly praise and treat him. This is especially important during the first few sessions of training a new trick. Let him know what an intelligent boy he is. 6. Repeat steps 1-5, but move the treat in the other direction so that your cat will learn to roll over in both directions (if

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