Cat Care: Establishing Good Behavior in Kittens http Teaching your kitten good behavior starts when they are young. Establishing discipline and managing behavior issues are essential for a growing cat. Behavior is learned and how you react impacts the kitten. The Kitten Connection features Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist and Purina Cat Chow Mentor Dr. Karen Sueda. Learn more about pets on The Purina Network and (v/o) The Kitten Connection featuring Dr. Karen Sueda brought to you by Purina Kitten Chow. (Karen) Hi! Im veterinarian and Purina Cat Chow Mentor Doctor Karen Sueda. Few things are more fun than watching a new kitten explore, get riled-up, and be rambunctious. But as your kitten grows, you may notice behaviors that cause concern. Its important to remember that cats and kittens dont misbehave just to make trouble or because theyre mad at you. Their behavior is largely based on instinct and learning. Its the way you react to your kitten that will ultimately affect her habits. Your kitten will be sensitive to your tone of voice. If you catch your kitten acting inappropriately, clap your hands and say a stern no. Clapping your hands often interrupts the undesirable behavior. Ideally, try to do this out of your kittens sight so they dont associate your presence with the reprimand. That way, they wont learn they can misbehave when youre not around. Never, ever hit your kitten or use your hands to make physical contact with her when you are

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