Cat Care: A Healthy Kitten’s Transition to Adult Cat Food http The transition from kitten food to adult cat food is an important step in your cat’s diet. Learn the steps required to make the transition easy for your cat. The Kitten Connection features Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist and Purina Cat Chow Mentor Dr. Karen Sueda. Learn more about pets on The Purina Network and (v/o) The Kitten Connection featuring Dr. Karen Sueda brought to you by Purina Kitten Chow. (Karen) Hi! Im veterinarian and Purina Cat Chow Mentor Doctor Karen Sueda. You know, one of the most remarkable things about kittens is how fast they grow. Within a short six months, they sure start to look like full-grown cats. But its important to remember theyre not full-grown until around one year of age. Before her first birthday, start preparing her for transition to adulthood. One of the important decisions youll make during this time is the selection of an adult food. Be sure to find a food that provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats or cats of all ages under the standards set by AAFCO the organization that establishes the nutritional standards for pet food in the United States. Purina Cat Chow Complete Formula is a great choice. When it comes time to make the switch, do so gradually over a period of about seven to ten days to help avoid digestive upsets. Begin the changeover by giving her a small portion of the new food along with her present food. Gradually increase

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