Getting A New Kitten? – The Must Have Checklist

For a cat lover there are few things that are as exciting as getting a new kitten. Despite their small size and fragile appearance, the number of items that you need to keep them, safe, happy, healthy and engaged is quite high. If you are new kitten owner or planning a buy a new kitten, then continue reading, here is a checklist of important cat supplies that you need.

Cat Food

It goes without saying that the first ‘five to seven’ month period (depending on the breed) is extremely important for bone, muscle and neural development. The food that you buy should be age appropriate. Though, most branded cat foods are labeled according to life stage, like kitten food, growth, adult maintenance and so on people fail to check the label correctly and they simply go by brands.

Water for Your Kitten

Another important aspect which cat lovers tend to forget is the water requirement for a growing kitten. While for most kittens a clean bowl of water is sufficient, however, due to the way the cats evolved they naturally love the taste of running water. You can opt for feline fountain the provides fresh, filtered and clear water rich in dissolved oxygen. If you are confused about the type of fountain then check this top notch Online Cat Products Guide, to make an informed decision.

Cat Toys

Felines are extremely curious, and the best way to keep them engaged and happy is by giving them a good collection of toys. Toys like catnip beavers, popup tunnels, rolling treat dispensers are quite popular. Check out new toys and find out which one your kitten prefers. It will not only keep you kittens happy, but will also protect your furniture and shoes from being scratched by your kitty.

Cat Treats

Taking your kitten to your vet or grooming him regularly is important, however, those are not easy. To keep him engaged while taking him to a vet or while grooming you can give him cat treats. However, make sure that you are not over feeding him. Studies conclusively prove that a consistently over fed kitten might develop diabetes at a later stage.

Beds & Litter Boxes

Unlike dogs, cats crave for cozy sleeping spots. comfortable and secure snoozing spots. If you train your kitten well, they will accept any kind of litter boxes, however, most cats prefer open, unscented litter boxes. Also make sure the litter box is scooped every day.

Cleaning Supplies

Unlike dogs, cats in general are painstakingly meticulous and clean, but like every other animal, they may fall ill or make a mess. So, when you buy a floor cleaner, enzyme based cleaner or a carpet cleaner make sure they are pet safe.

Cat Collars & Carriers

You should be very choosy while selecting a cat collar. RFID collar tags that expands are the safest collars that you can get for your cats to avoid accidental strangulation as cats are very inquisitive by nature. RFID tags will also help you to track his movements. If you want to frequently take your kitten outdoors, then it is advisable to buy a good quality cat carrier.

Have fun with your new kitten.

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