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Pet Cat ResourcesiRover.net has some great articles on cats. Almost everything you need to know about cat ownership can be found at iRover.net. Everyone knows that owning a cat stretches much further than feeding and litter training. Unfortunately cats do not come with an owner’s manual. That’s why iRover has spent time carefully outlining the cat caring world. iRover wants to educated new and old cat owners. You can never know too much about cats. That’s what makes cats so special. (and they are just so cute!)
Below is some of the topics iRover.net goes over in regards to Cats.



  • Litter boxes
  • Grooming
  • Cat toys
  • Cat structures
  • Cat collars


  • Where to adopt
  • How to choose the perfect cat
  • How to make your adopted cat feel comfortable
  • Humane society information


  • American
  • British
  • Tabby
  • Persian
  • Maine Coon
  • Siamese
  • Oriental
  • Sphynx


  • Different kinds of cat food
  • How to understand the labeling found on cat food cans and bags
  • How much food to feed a cat
  • The frequency to feed a cat


  • Declaw a cats claws or nails
  • Vaccination including Panleukopenia
  • Getting your cat spayed or natured
  • Typical cat health related problems including Urinary Tract Disease

Litter Training

  • How to pick out the proper litter box
  • The frequency to change the litter box
  • How to teach your cat to use a toilet instead of a litter box

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