Cat behavior issue – stealing my food?

One of my cats has a history of difficult behavior issues. We go through re-training on the litter box a few times a year, and it’s generally impossible to get her to respect boundaries about things like not being on counters, etc.

Lately she’s been getting very bold about stealing the humans’ food. I cannot turn my back on her for even a few seconds, she will grab whatever she can from plates, counters, cupboards, the refrigerator, anything. Today I went to answer the phone, came back in about 10 seconds with the phone, and she had taken a chunk of raw ground beef right out of the frying pan on the stove, and she had it on the floor trying to scarf it down. That was a new move for her, actually grabbing food from a pan as it is cooking.

Not only is this unacceptable behavior, obviously, but it’s dangerous. The cat could get burned or could start a fire. The only solution I have that works is to lock her up in a closed room whenever I am eating or cooking. That is effective but it doesn’t really solve the problem, and it’s not practical to do this every time I eat.

I am looking for behavior modification tactics for difficult, willful cats. I cannot use the basic methods like spraying with water, or putting foil or cat repellent on the counters, I have tried those things and they do NOT work on this cat. I need psychology-based tactics to assert my rules and get her to listen to me.

Repeat: Spraying with water does not work. Cat repellents, foil, tape, orange peels, loud noises, etc etc etc, these things are not effective on this particular cat.
No offense meant by the way, I know those are good suggestions for most cats, but this one is not normal lol

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