Can anyone suggest a way to modify my cat’s behavior that will work?

I have three cats. One that is 11, one that is 10, and one that is 8 months. The littlest is name “Little Kitty”. Well Little has some MAJOR issues. First of all he acts crazy all the time. By crazy I mean, he runs laps around the room jumping and tearing up the blinds or window treatments, clasps on to the couch and pulls himself around it with his claws, eats anything that is food, opens and gets into cupboards, claws at the carpet if you don’t leave the bedroom door open at night, meows LOUDLY all the time, jumps on and attacks the other two cats – pushes them out of the way when they are eating so he can, runs out of the front door at least 3 times a day – sometimes not coming back for hours, wakes us up when he thinks it’s morning – like around 3 or 4am, gets on the counter and knocks things all over the floor… basically he is a complete terror. I want to try something before I give up and give him away – and if I did that I would feel bad for the next person who got him. I have tried doing some behavior modification, we’ve used the water bottle, we’ve used noisy items… he loves water and is intrigued by noisy things. He is the worst pet ever. Are there shock collars for training cats or another method someone can think of? Any and all responses appreciated.
Oh by the way.. he is neutered.
Thanks for everyone’s suggestions especially Blue Mom. I am going to try following a lot of your advice. As for the other responder – my cat is neutered and was neutered as soon as he could be.

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