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Pranic Healing originated from ancient India and is still widely practiced in Asian countries. It is a form of energy healing, the process unblocks stagnant energy from the life centers (also called as chakras), removing congestion. The entire process doesn’t even need a physical touch. Energy healing can be used to cure diseases for men as well as animals. Sylvia, an energy healer specializes in healing cats; she runs the website ‘I Heal Your Cat’ and has helped several cat owners around the world. The following is what Sylvia has to say about her service.

People often think that ‘energy healing’ is a time consuming process; contrary to the popular opinion, the fact is ‘energy healing’ is not a time consuming process and I can alleviate any physical or emotional pain within a matter of minutes. Some of the most common cat issues that I solve regularly are

  • Removing the nervousness of a cat.
  • Stopping a cat from peeing in the house.
  • Curing wide varieties of serious illnesses of your cat.
  • Solving the Senior Pet Problems of your cat.
  • Curing Food Allergies/Sensitivities of your cat.
  • Curing common respiratory issues of your cat.
  • Curing cat’s eye sight & hearing issues.
  • Curing a cat infested by parasites.

I can also cure any other related physical/behavioral issues in a short period of time.

How do I do that?

Cat HealingI use Energy healing for solving these issues. Energy healing is a form of alternative medicine, and it can be carried out even without any physical touch. I can do it in person or over phone/Skype.

Every human being influence others through their energies; our energies also affect our pets (in positive or negative way). Modern science says that we can measure a ‘thought’ and it’s frequency; it means our thoughts have the ability to affect our bodies as well as others. Our thoughts in the form of electro-magnetic waves can also influence the pets around us.

In the ‘energy healing’ process that I practice, I focus more on the owner than on the cat; as the owners have the maximum influence on the cat (they spend most of the time with the pet).

Strong human emotions like worries, fears and anger can be the reason for the cats to get health or behavioral issues. These issues may manifest in the form of pain, illnesses, abnormal conduct or change of character.

The first step in my healing method is finding out the reason for the cat’s sickness. Once the reason is found out, I will then address the reason and solve the root cause for the sickness/behavioral issues of your cat. You can find instant improvement in your cat’s health/behavior.

A cat is much more perceptive to energetic treatments than humans; the reason is a cat’s mind doesn’t work like ours, it is not complex and will not sabotage them like our minds do. Energy healing can cure even serious illnesses like tumors, tumors will not vanish instantly but will shrink over a period of time naturally.

The article is contributed by Ms. Sylvia, you can learn a lot more about cats, cat foods and other information related to cats in her Blog – I Heal Your Cat.

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