Well-Trained Bird Hunting Dogs – How They Enhance Your Hunting Success

Adding a well-trained dog to a hunt will greatly increase a hunter’s excitement and satisfaction while out in the field. Dog and hunter act like a well oiled machine working together to meet the same goal; bagging birds. A hunter cannot just buy a dog and expect him to instinctually know how to hunt birds though, a dog must be trained to both obey the hunter while in the field, and know the proper techniques for hunting birds. A well-trained bird dog can be a priceless addition to any hunt.

The hunter has a few options when getting his new bird dog trained, all ranging in price. Many hunters choose to have their dog trained by a professional for a few reasons. Most hunters don’t have the time to spend doing the amount of training a dog requires to become a top notch athlete. Another reason many hunters enlist the help of a professional is because they trust the trainer’s abilities. These trainers spend their entire days working to make dogs master hunters and they often know the best techniques and tools to work with them. Another option for trainers is the one who teaches simple obedience to the dog. This is an integral part to a working bird dog; if he doesn’t listen to the hunter in the field, he isn’t worth the time. While hiring a trainer can be pricey, it can well be worth the money for a top quality, well-trained bird dog.

The cheapest way to have your bird dog trained is to do it yourself. While this may seem overwhelming to many hunters, it is actually something many take great pride and enjoyment from. Training your dog allows you to trust that the dog will respond to your commands; sometimes a dog only listens to the person who trains him, so if that person isn’t you, it may cause problems. There are also many resources available to the hunter looking to train his own dog. He can get books from his local library, look at magazines, or even rent videos that will teach him the techniques of training.

If enlisting the help of a professional trainer, be sure to do your research and check references. If you are able to see a dog in action that they’ve trained, that’s the best way to get a feel for their work. Whichever the option the hunter chooses, if done the right way a hunter can have many years of great hunting with his favorite hunting companion.

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