Upland Bird Hunting – Valuable Tips For Bird Hunters

Bird hunting has become a very popular hunting pastime. While some hunters like the element of hunting over water for birds such as ducks and geese, many more prefer what is know as upland bird hunting. The upland birds are those such as pheasant, grouse, quail, and partridge that live exclusively on land. This can be much easier for many hunters in a few different ways.

For the hunter who prefers to hunt waterfowl, his biggest investment, other than perhaps his dog, is buying a boat. While some hunters walk the peripheries of ponds or flooded areas, the best way to bag a trophy is heading to the bird’s territory; the water. While many hunters prefer using a boat and enjoy being on the water, many more do not. Especially for the newcomer who isn’t sure what he prefers yet, buying a boat right out of the gate can be an expensive investment he may not even use. The upland bird, however, stays exclusively on the land hiding in underbrush and thickets in the forest or prairie. The hunter needs to scare the bird from its hiding place so he can get a shot at it.

Another element of the waterfowl hunt is the dog. When hunting from a boat and downing birds, your trophy will always fall into the water, so using a bird dog is almost necessary to retrieve it. However, the upland bird hunter can get away without the use of a dog. A well-trained dog can, however, add a priceless element to any hunt by tracking down the bird for you. The upland bird dog is trained for a great sense of smell and keen eyesight so not only can he see where your bird fell, but will be able to track it if it’s only wounded. Another great asset will be the dog’s ability to flush the bird out of it’s hiding place. He’ll be able to detect any movement and alert the hunter to a bird’s presence.

If keeping dry while hunting sounds like something for you, then upland bird hunting is the perfect choice. Other than a weapon and hunting apparel, a hunter has little investment to make into his sport, and it offers just as much of a challenge as waterfowl. Many of the popular states for upland hunting are in the northern regions such as South Dakota, and it is also popular in the United Kingdom.

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