Training Your Pet Parrot Cockatoo Galah Or Other Bird To Keep You Company By Talking With You

Many years ago in fact last century when I was about 4 years old my family bought a pet Galah for my sister and I. If memory serves me correctly about 2 years or so later we got a crimson rosella Parrot you know the kind on the soup cans. What we found was the fact that the more often phrases were picked up first.

For example I think it was round the year 1974 just after the floodswhen mum was having trouble getting us to put our toys away. Every now and then Franky started saying put your toys away this usually happened as we were leaving the room, more than likely because, that was when mum said it.

It was really strange as we watched over a few weeks the local bird population come to visit. After a while one bird was just hanging around longer and longer each time. We felt he had been someones pet instead of being truly wild. We put Franky in an inner cage and ended up leaving the door to the outer cage open to allow the new bird in. No one ended up responding to our notes left about the bird so we kept him.

Oddly enough within a few short weeks Franky and the new bird we called Johnny, were talking up a storm. We often had to check to see who was in our yard talking. Every now and then we forgot about the fact the birds could talk and they startled us. Once we were used to the talking we found the birds became more expressive. They would ask a question and tilt their heads to one side or when we answered they would bob up and down.

In the begining when we got him Franky was mostly a wild bird we did not get the chance to let him out of the cage. Though after a few months to a year or so he was tame enough to be comfortable free to roam around under our house only when it was all closed. This was also initially with only our family in the room which as time went by, we moved on to petting him. He just seemed to become more and more tame after the first few times so dad decided to build a large aviary. With each of the birds we ended up with there was a shorter time period in which they started to talk.

As with people, any animal that shows signs of high intelligence can easily get bored. As the master and loving owner your destiny is do whatever you can to train your pet and keep them entertained. Simply put repetition usually is the key to successful training of your pet. Repeating basic steps, in a calm manner until your pet grasps the concept of what you are teaching them. By doing this instead of screaming not to eat your slippers, your pet will provide you with many years of loyalty and companionship.

Some people say. Training a bird, Parrot Cockatoo, Galah or any animal takes a lot of time and patience. We know from many years experience that it really depends on you and your individual pet and their temprement. I guess the secret we stumbled upon was just so simple to us in the end. We found we just treated the pets like part of the family and they displayed back to us entertainment and respect. What we also ended up with was fantastically well behaved pets that are enjoyed by us for a long time to come.

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