Training Parakeets

It is commonly known that if you want to have a strong relationship with parakeets, you have to try training parakeets. It is necessary for yours and the parakeet’s happiness to train them to interact with you and trust you because they are intelligent, social and lovable birds who love to interact with you and like nothing more than to sit on your shoulders. You have to be patient and spend a lot of time with the training parakeet process. If you are short in free time, maybe you should re think your situation and if indeed you should purchase a parakeet. The birds should be active members of your family, so do not leave them alone in their cages. If you are devoted to spending some time with your parakeet, letting them live in your home, it will only be a matter of time before they will trust you. The first thing you have to do in training parakeets is to encourage him to get used to your hand. You can start doing this when you change his water or when you feed them by putting your hand slowly inside the cage. At the beginning he might flap after seeing your hands in the cage. It helps if you talk softly to him. It will take time for the bird to calm down after realizing that you do not intend to hurt him. It depends on your patience how much time will be necessary until your bird trusts you. The second step after your bird is used to your hand, is to make him step up on a perch. This is a very important step before reaching the moment when the bird is not afraid of standing on your finger. You can do this by moving another perch gently from the opposite side of the cage towards the parakeet .This could be done when you put fresh water and food in the cage. For all steps in the training parakeet process it is very important that the room is quiet and there are no other objects or people, distracting his attention. Keep moving the perch slowly closer until you reach his lower chest which is above his legs. If the bird still does not allow you to get closer after a few tries, it is better to stop and continue the next day. When you manage to get the perch next to bird’s belly, push it a little to shake the parakeet and to force him to step up on the perch. It can be accomplished with saying a word, for example “up”, to associate this command with the action. If he still freaks out do not proceed, give him some time. On the contrary he may jump up on the perch easily. You can use the same training parakeet method to transfer him to a steady perch but it is still too early to remove him from the cage. It takes more time and you have to be more patient. After the perch is accepted by the bird, you can start using your finger. Repeat the same training parakeet method again but lay your finger on the top of the perch so that the bird does not realize the difference and after the command, steps onto your finger with the perch underneath. Now you are closer to the last goal of the training parakeet process it is time to make him sit on your finger .Remove the perch and use your finger only. Move it slowly towards the bird. Do not force him. He might easily hop on your finger.

At last your bird is ready to get out of the cage. Birds are curious creatures but do not let them fly free while you are training parakeets. When they are sitting on your finger, move your hand out of the cage. If you feel that the bird is scared, stop at the door for a while. If the bird wants to get back or to step in the doorway, allow him. After a few tries and a few days he will be ready to be outside. Be careful with your bird and to be safe do not let him fly unattended. You will feel pleased after this successful training parakeet session.


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