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AMAZON PARROT NEED Help With Biting And Agressive Issues?
Aggressive double yellow headed amazon i am getting its cage bound is it possible to bring under control it it bites and is real aggressive

An older man surrounded by town have 2 m and 1 f cockatiels sharing shut within. From time to time a tot is born and dies soon.?
I think the problems are hygiene, lack of proper feeding of the adults and the certainty that there are 3 birds in the cage, even tho it’s a obedient size cage. He’s not open to help/suggestions. Any suggestions as to what I can do to help these…

Another brood of adorable muscovys ducklings wipe out within 2 days, is nearby anything I can do?
I live on a canal in south florida and its very upsetting to see many batches of baby ducklings completely wiped out surrounded by days. I used to think that raccoons and large birds were the key predators of the innocent ducklings, but after witnessing horrific…

Any avian sanctuaries/rescue shelters surrounded by Chicago?
i got a bird that i cant take care of and i involve to know if there’s any avian sanctuaries or rescue shelters in Chicago. please give support to.

Any bird stores surrounded by Mississauga?
hi i live in Mississauga and i am looking to buy a bird does anyone no of any stores that only sell birds contained by Mississauga thx. and i am willing to spend up 2 $250. i will also go a bit over. and please give me…

Any concept on why my parakeet died?
My parakeet, who was only a year old, died nowadays. She had seemed off lately, softness and sleeping a lot on the bottom of the cage. Today I found her puffed up on the bottom of the cage, and when I picked her up she didn’t respond…

Any counsel on mate ?
go here to watch how im doing. with the two hamsters. Sawdust show near special guest nibbles. We read on a site that they will mate mid day or th eevening. Nibbles is the girl and sawdust is the boy go here to check it out and…

Any free bird traning video?
is there any free bird training videos on line

Any lend a hand on first time pet budgie owner?
Hi i am going to buy a baby budgie and im so exited! i have never owned a budgie before though so i obligation all the help i can get please! Here are some question i would like to ask you.How long do Budgies live for?know any…

Any matchless trick to grasp my topical cockateil out of his round up on his own?
My new cockateil is not motivated by treats and comes to the door to have them but does not come out. My old one is completely trained and desires to be outside the cage all the time ( and she get trained very fast)

Any moniker suggestions for my pet birds?
I have 2 of them

Any notion for getting a pigeon to come put money on?
Just curious, I plan t o get a pigeon next year as a pet…possibly a female, besides I’ve done my homework on raising pigeons from day 1 but one thing though…I know when she get old enough she’ll start learning to fly. But one concern I own…

Any one know be i can acquire a budgie cadge from?
Hi im getting a budgie soon! but i do not know were i can get a budgie cage from! please communicate me some good pet shops in gloucester that sell budgie cadges! and offer me some websites which sell budgie cadges please! oh and any infomation…

Any suitable recipe for budgies ?
need some easy to do recipes for my budgies

Any tricks to getting childlike chooks to start lay?
got three isa brown chooks about 5 weeks ago ( 14 weeks old ) one started lay straight away but the other two are not there yet. a mate suggested mash up white bread with water and they haven’t eaten it. how long should i loaf before…

Any virtuous tips on how to tilt parakeets?
I just got 2 parakeets (a male and a female) for my birthday. My cousin, who give them to me and has 35 others, told me they are 7 months old. I have fortified parakeet food and a swing surrounded by their cage. Does anyone know any…

Anybody know whether passionate birds might approaching pumpkin?
I know certain birds eat coconut, apple, pear etc.So I was wondering, a bit than just throwing away the pumpkins from last dark, if i cut them up and put some on my bird table and some on the ground – would birds eat it?

Anyone beside lots of Budgie experience?
I just got a new Budgie on Sunday. He have a great cage with toys, soothing music at all times and is kept reheat. I havent tried to hold him yet, its only been 3 days and I am trying to permit him settle in. He got…

Anyone ever done this?
Just curious anyone ever incubate a bird’s egg that wasn’t a chicken egg or from some other poultry? I mean like a song bird’s egg or a pigeon’s. Just curious cause I’ll probably try this sometime subsequent Spring, did my homework so I have a rough idea…

Anyone get any tips on making a playstand for an african grey congo?
hiya has anyone got any tips or websites on making parrot playstands? as i really want to kind one for my parrot i already have a couple of bits.also what is best you use on the bottom of the stand where the poop will stop so it…

Anyone hear of a copier have nightmares?
I’ve had my Meyers parrot 16yrs. From my inlaws who had him 6 yrs.They get him fully grown. So I know he hasnt got much longer to live, even though he’s looks great. I know every sound he makes, but just this minute when he is…

Anyone here ever tried this?
I posted this before but meant to add a couple things…Just curious anyone ever incubate a bird’s egg that wasn’t a chicken egg or from some other poultry?I penny-pinching like a song bird’s egg or a pigeon’s. Just curious cause I’ll probably try this sometime next…

Anyone hold an concept of what small pustules on shiny on top spot are?
I am a new finch owner with two zebra finches and one pied zebra finch. My husband and me have have the flock for about three weeks now. The Pied is the one having adjectives the trouble. Quick history of the flock: when we purchased…

Anyone know where on earth I can carry a couple of Bourkes within the London/Hertfordshire nouns?
Wanting the birds to be housed indoors. Thanks in advance for your help

Anyone know where on earth to buy dove/homing pigeons?
we are looking to buy homing pigeons, anyone know where we can find them in northern ill/southern wis area? gratitude

Anyone own an exotic bird?
No a long time I didn’t know peacocks were also domestic birds, I’ve noticed some farms enjoy them on their property. Also, a few people on ebay sell the eggs for incubating. I’ve also noticed some folks selling swans too…anyone own a peacock or any other exotic…

Anywhere I can return with ducks?
or order them online, and have them shipped in these winter months?thankfulness

Are adjectives birds related to dinosaurs? whether so is my canary or budgie related to a t-rex or velociraptor.?
thanks in advance

Are birds and mammals matching?
Me and my friend are having an argument about this.She thinks birds are mammals, whereas i reflect they are two different thing, as why they are in two different classifications.

Are birds apt pets??
I have been thinking about getting a bird for reasonably some time. I was going to go with my parents and find one tonight, but now it seems like such a silly Idea. All a bird does is poop, talk, and bite right?I have always loved birds,…

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