Would you have a common household pest as a pet?

We all experience household pests on a daily basis, but to a select few of us, they are liked as pets.

The easiest pest pet to think of is the rat. When out in the wild, rats are dirty, riddled with germs and diseases and are generally unpleasant. However, varieties have been bred so they are more attractive to look at, and can even be taught some simple behaviours. Because of their intelligence and social qualities, it makes them the ideal pet.

Even though they’re a lot cleaner, pet rats still share the same traits as a wild rat. They will be destructive, prefer darkness and won’t live for very long.

Insects are pests used as pets too. For some even, insects are loved as pets. People breed cockroaches, ants and wasps in captivity, either by enthusiasts or as food for other creatures.

This is generally true for cockroaches, which are easy to breed and eat almost everything. However, there are some more exotic varieties that make very…interesting…pets, like the giant or hissing cockroach.

Anyone who breeds cockroaches has to take care that they don’t escape. Outside of a controlled breeding environment, the rapid breeding cycle of the cockroach can become a huge pest problem, and even affect the balance of the ecosystem.

Ants and wasps are very social creatures, and many people find themselves fascinated by the way they build structures. This leads to them being kept in captivity, to see how they live. Even if you’ve never had one, you’ve probably come across an ant farm at some point, or seen one in a zoo. You can easily view the complex web of tunnels ants make, slicing up vegetation and carrying large pieces back to the nest, through the clear glass sided tanks.

Keeping wasps is a lot more specialist than keeping ants. It requires a lot of space, and a special kind of person. They go out to find nests and bring them back to purpose built enclosures, where they are studied and fed a constant supply of food.

Despite them being kept in captivity, there is always the danger that pets could become pests, and with that the need for a pest control solution becomes necessary. These critters are always looking for food, and will take every chance to escape they get. Pet control can easily become pest control.

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