What kind of drugs are available on prescription only?

 how do I get them and how long does delivery take?

Firstly, I will make you aware that there are many drugs that are on a prescription only basis, just as there are for people. However, this article does not by any means contain an exhaustive list of pet medicine available.  Also, delivery charges and time estimates depend solely on the company you are ordering them from.

prescription drugs
how to save time while going for prescription drugs?

In general, the drugs that are designed to deal with more severe illnesses or diseases have to be prescribed by a certified Vet. Once you have this prescription you then can go to any certified Veterinary practice to obtain the item labelled on the prescription form.

“But the Vet’s take so long to get the drugs in, is there a faster way?”

The short answer is: yes! Not that you will get the medicine straight away, but if going to the Veterinary Clinic is going to waste too much of your time, there are many online sites you can go to in order to obtain the required medicine instead. All you have to do is provide them with your proof of prescription, and delivery on most sites is not only free but also guaranteed within 24hours. Plus, prices usually are a lot cheaper online too!

Below you can find a basic list of prescribed pet medication that you can get online:

  • Alizin
  • Atopica
  • Enacard
  • Ceporex
  • Chronogest
  • Felimazole
  • Metacam
  • Nisamox
  • Onsior
  • Optimmune
  • Ovarid
  • Paxcutol
  • Posatex
  • Prascend




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