Traveling To Spain (Valencia) With Your Pets

Travel to Valencia Spain With PetsValencia is Spain’s 3rd largest city, and lately it has become quite popular because of it’s fascinating past. This city has great architecture, lush green meadows,  buildings with historic significance and an efficient public transit. This city has the ‘Global City’ status because of its history and heritage, this city has a recorded history since 138 BC. This part of the year is the best time (Spring) to visit this city as summers and winters might have extreme temperatures.

Major Attractions in Valencia:

This city was highly industrialized and tourism picked up only after the mid 90s. Local landmarks like the ancient Serrano Towers and Quart Towers, and the San Miguel de los Reyes monastery were restored only in the 90s. While the city contains many ancient monuments, the major attraction today is the “City of Arts and Sciences” and a futuristic complex of museums.  Some of the important places in Valencia are

  • Bioparc Valencia
  • Oceanografic
  • City of the Arts and Sciences
  • La Lonja de la Seda
  • Plaza del Mercado
  • Valencia Cathedral

These are just a few of the attractions in Valencia, however a trip to Valencia is not complete without going to a movie. At the City of Arts and Sciences Museum there is a huge IMAX 3D cinema, which provides you a great experience. There are also beautiful beaches and golf courses to spend your evenings.

Traveling to Valencia With Your Pets:

Pet air travel: This may be tricky as every airline has different rules and regulations when it comes to pets. Follow these tips while you plan a trip to Valencia.

  • Contact the airline in advance to know about their rules and regulations. Taking your pet on board should be your first option. Some airlines might not allow this, in such cases you need to opt for the cargo (especially when your pet is large).
  • It is safer these days to take pets along with you, as Congress passed the “Safe Air Travel for Animals Act” in 2000. However make sure you have a carrier as per the requirements of the airline as well as spacious enough for your pet to turnaround and be comfortable while flying in the cargo.
  • Make sure you opt for a non-stop flight so that your pet does not get lost.
  • Paste a label on the pet carrier with your details like  final destination, the phone number and the hotel address where you will stay.

Hotels in Valencia While Traveling with Pets:

Most hotels don’t allow pets, however there are some top hotels that do allow pets in Valencia. Valencia Flats have 12 buildings placed in prime locations of Valencia, and 2 of them accept dogs. They are:

  • Valenciaflats Holiday: Apartments in the beach of Valencia. Located in Port Saplaya just in front the sea.
  • Valencia Wellness Flats: Located next to the Golf El Escorpion and in the area of Mas Camarena.

However please make sure you call them in advance before about pet admissions before booking.

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