Taking great photos of your pet

Pets are a wonderful part of our lives.  They can provide love, laughs and companionship.   Unfortunately, time passes and sometimes our beloved animal companions aren’t with us anymore.  That’s why it’s important to keep a few decent photos around to help preserve those memories.  These tips, brought to you by Canvas Prints UK experts Somer Print, should help you take some great shots:

Use natural light

Pet PhotographyBless their hearts, some pets scare quite easily.  That’s why it’s often best to ensure that you use natural light when trying to get the shot.  If you’re struggling to get light indoors, then try going outside, or head to the biggest window in the house.  If your cat or dog is happier, they’ll take a nicer photo!

Try and ensure the eyes look good

One of the keys to getting a good pet portrait (or indeed to getting any good portrait) is to get a clear shot of the eyes.  When taking those close ups, ensure you focus on the eyes and keep the tack nice and sharp.

Don’t force things

As with children, the very best photos are taken when your pets are feeling at ease.  That’s why it’s often better to go to them for the photos.  Simply keep a camera handy around the house, and then when your pet’s in a nice position with a good location, you can grab a good shot.

Aim for their character

One of the things that we love about our cats is their personality.  I used to have a big dog called Max, and he was wonderfully lazy, always yawning and snoozing.  Because of this, my favourite shot of him is one where he is halfway through a massive yawn.  If your pet is playful, take shots when they’re playing.  If they love the outside, take photos of them when they’re outside, etc.

Go close up

Whilst many owners prefer to have shots of their pets surrounded by their natural environment, many of the most beautiful shots actually come from very close-ups, where the animal takes up almost all of the frame.  These work especially well with cats and puppies, who have the perfect visual appeal for a close up.

Be patient

Pets aren’t always the most patient individuals (though whether they’re less patient than actual models is up for debate!) so getting the right shots can really take time.  Don’t be afraid to spend a bit of time waiting for the right shot.

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