Should You Get Your Children A Pet For Christmas?

Every Christmas, thousands of kids ask for a pet. It can be hard to decide whether or not you should buy your children a pet, so I’ve come up with a couple of questions you should ask.

Why Do They Want A Pet?

The key thing to look into is why they want a pet. If they want one because everyone else has one, it’s not a legitimate reason. At least, not in my mind it isn’t. You shouldn’t buy a pet just because you want to fit in, or you’re jealous that others have one. This is how so many pets end up neglected a few months after Christmas. The child never really wanted them, and once the initial joy fades they lose interest. They end up moving onto the next fad that all their friends are talking about.

Only agree to buy them a pet if they truly want one. That’s the tricky thing, how do you know if they truly want one? Talk to them about it and see if you can detect it in the way they talk. If they seem super passionate about it, then they may genuinely want one. Or, take them to see some of the pets for sale and you’ll notice if they’re excited. You may find that doing this will make your child realise they don’t want a pet. They may not be excited by all the animals and not see one they like. If you can tell your child really wants a pet, then you should think about buying them one.

Is Your House Ready For A Pet?

Another important thing to think about is your home. Is your house ready for a pet? Pets like cats and dogs can take up a fair bit of room in your house. I know that seems daft because they’re only small animals. But, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your home can feel small when you get a pet. If you live in a tiny apartment, it might not be the best place to have a pet. It’s too small, and your pet will become restless. You could, of course, find room for a smaller bet, like a rabbit or hamster. But, it will still depend on if you can find that room for their cage, you might not be able to.

Then, you have to think about other things around your house. Is your flooring suitable to have a pet run around on? Do you have things around your house that can be dangerous if you have a pet? Make sure you get your home pet-ready if you do intend to buy your children one for Christmas. If you feel like you can’t have a pet in your home, then don’t buy one!

You need to make sure that your children are 100% committed to having a pet and that your house can handle it. Otherwise, it’s not worth buying them one. You don’t want to be in a situation where you have a pet that no one looks after, and you can’t have in the home. So please, only buy a pet if your children want it for life, and it’s not just a Christmas wish.

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