Question: Licence Info to Sell Pet Hedgehogs?

Question: Where do I look up the licenses for selling hedgehogs? My local pet shop wants to get some in and I was going to try helping figure stuff out. I’ve been helping educate the owner on hedgies and am printing out things from the file section so anyone who would buy the hedgies has a copy and the link to this group.

Our Answer:

-Highly discourage pet stores owning and selling hedgehogs as they tend to throw morals under the bus for the money. But you must call USDA to receive the packet. Also pet stores don’t screen owners so they can go to breeders without pedigrees.

– Stupid question but is this the process just for pet stores or for any one looking to obtain a license for any state? just curious..

– I understand. It’s a mom and pop shop kind of pet store and the owner cares for the animals as if there his own. We’ve talked about making sure the ones he would get come from clean lines and have health guarantees. He doesn’t want to risk selling animals with poor bloodlines because it would look bad on his behalf.

– As a heads up, most reputable breeders would not sell their babies to any pet store or reseller, so wherever they would be getting them from probably wouldn’t have the most quality or lines or best morals. I commend him on wanting to make sure he has quality animals, definitely. I just want to give a realistic heads up.

– This is why some pet stores house males and females together. Not necessarily because they can’t tell the difference, but to get stock without having to buy them from breeders. (A Resource that can help you with names for hedgehogs)

– That’s why we are hoping to find a reputable breeder. Where the male and the female would have separate cages and not be next to each other.

– I am a pet shop all they have to do is make sure they are USDA licensed if they are already they don’t have to do anything else but keep track of where came from and who went to, if not they can apply online for USDA premises license and it will cover any exotics they want to carry very easy.

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