Pet Transport & Driving Service Within The US

Vacations are not just for us, our pets too can enjoy a good vacation. These days most top hotels in the United States are providing separate room service and other facilities for pets. So, don’t get surprised if you happen to come across hotel amenities like soft beds for dogs, massages for cats or special menu for pets. Some top tier hotels even have paid pet consultants. So today, we need not leave our pets with automatic feeder or with a reluctant neighbor during a vacation.  The question is what to do with our pets once we finalize on our vacation destination? How to get our pet there?

It goes without saying that handing the pet over to the airline is no more a viable option. Definitely not after the mishap that happened on Americal Airlines flight to Chicago. Nearly half a dozen puppies died on that flight. In addition to the safety issues, their handling charges sometimes exceed $500 for a round trip. Such exorbitant cost makes pet transport more expensive than flying a child.

These constraints have made people to opt for independent pet transport services.

Third Party Pet Transport & Driving Services – Ed’s Driving a Review:

We checked out few services and we really liked Ed’s Driving services. Ed Caine – a retired Naval veteran, provides pet transport and driving service to anywhere in the united states. Unlike some of the other businesses, he offers a personal touch and do this out of his passion for travel, and driving. He is a reputed name in this service, is highly reliable and charges a reasonable fee. He is one of the best choices for those pet owners who want to transport their pets without the trauma associated with commercial handling. Check out more about Ed’s Driving.

Ed's Driving

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling to your second home or going on a long vacation, if you want your pet to be with you then you need to hire a reputed and trustworthy service provider like Ed Caine. The best part is, he can drive any vehicle of your choice. While you fly to your destination, he can drive your vehicle along with your pet to the vacation destination. He can drive your car loaded with everything your will need, including your pet. The entire service is based on your schedule and convenience. Finally, unlike commercial transport which tends to ignore specific instructions, Ed will follow your instructions about caring for your pet.

Important Things To Note Before Transporting Your Pet:

Despite all these benefits, if you choose to transport your pet via airlines, then be sure to go through the pet transportation contracts thoroughly. Most airlines have well-defined rules for what breeds they will accept. For instance, Delta has banned all snub-nosed dogs like bulldogs, as they have trouble breathing in low pressure environment. Some airliness will not take pets if the outside temperature is beyond a certain limit.

No matter which mode of transport you prefer, it is better to take your pet to a vet before the travel. Taking vaccinations for rabies is advised, also getting your pet micro-chipped can help protect your pet. If you have any specific grooming or feeding requirements, then inform the transport service provider about your needs.

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