Pet Lovers Everywhere Are Cashing In On The $55 Billion Pet Industry! Offers A Fun New Way To Turn Your Love For Pets Into A Rewarding Business.

Article Submitted by: Shauntel Smith

My pets have always been part of the family, but I never considered turning my love for animals into a business until I was introduced to   The company offers a fully turn-key online pet supply Website, complete with more than 10,000 products for sale, and best of all, setup is FREE.  You can actually start a business in less than 5 minutes!

I interviewed the Founder of the company and was impressed with what he had to say!

“If  you were to survey 100 pet owners, you’d not only find out that nearly all of them spent money on their pets this week, you’d also learn that they actually enjoy shopping for their pets, and more of that shopping than ever is taking place online.”

I did more research and found out that between 2008 and 2013 while almost every other area of our economy struggled, the pet industry actually grew significantly, and every research report I’ve been able to find shows steady growth in both sales and profits for pet suppliers during the next 5 years. Allows Everyday Pet Lovers To Make Money From Home.

As pet parents like myself continue to spend more money taking care of our loved ones, does it make sense to start a business?

“Shauntel, really the question is, does it make sense not to? You’re already buying products for your own pet, and you likely have friends and family who are too. allows you to get your own Website with access to thousands of products, but instead of paying retail at big stores like Petco and Petsmart, you buy from yourself at wholesale prices. When your friends, family, and customers buy from your Website, you keep all the profits.”

He added, “Besides the convenience of shopping from their computers or on their smart phones, your customers know you, and really, I think we’d all rather buy from people we know and trust than from some unknown company out there in cyberspace.”

Is it expensive to get an online store set up? Is Easy, Inexpensive, And The Fastest Growing Home Based Pet Business In America.

“It isn’t expensive at all, Shauntel. In fact, it costs less to get your business started with than most people spend on their morning coffee, and setup is instant. Our new Store Owner sites are literally ready to start taking orders in less than 5 minutes.”

For readers interested in starting their own online pet supply business, what should they do to get started?

Follow these three steps:

Step 1

Click on the following link:

Step 2

Complete the information and submit the setup form.

Step 3

Choose a Website hosting option.

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