Penguin vs. Yeti Gold Edition for iOS

With the multitude of game apps on the App Store today it is often hard to find one that really stands apart. Penguin vs. Yeti Gold Edition is a snowboarding themed action game brought to you by Jochen Kaercher that brings a fun and unique twist to normal platformers and literally keeps you playing for hours. Guide the penguin down 30 gnarly tracks and stomp some Yetis on your way to help save the arctic homeland of the penguins.

General App Idea:

Penguin vs. Yeti Gold Edition for iOSThe general idea behind the Penguin vs. Yeti game is to help save the arctic homeland of the penguin from the vulture Zoltan and his menacing yetis. In order to do this the player must help the penguin raid the Yeti caves and cut off their food supply to force their early departure. Penguin vs. Yeti features thirty different tracks, three difficulty levels and various trophies to keep the game fresh and challenging.

App Strengths:

The navigation throughout the game and inside the levels is very clear and easy to understand making this a great game for kids and adults alike. Many similar games can lose their playability in a short matter of time. This is simply not the case with Penguin vs. Yeti and it is a hard game to put down once you get going.

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Requirements: Available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Requires iOS 5.0 and later

Developer:  Jochen Kaercher

Price: $1.99

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