Important Equipment All Horse and Pony Owners Need

Horses and ponies require a lot more equipment than other types of pets. This is because of their size and needs, which have to be catered for by their owner. Below are some of the most important pieces of equipment for horses and ponies that you should be aware of if you decide to buy one of these animals for yourself or a family member.

Riding Equipment

If horse or pony will be ridden by you or another family member, you have to look the part. The riding equipment available also serves a much more important purpose. Breeches, jodhpurs, helmets, jackets, riding hats, riding boots, back protectors and gloves are designed to ensure that riders are more comfortable and are more protected while they ride. Online stores like the One Stop Equine Shop are your one stop for horse equipment.

Cleaning and Grooming

Looking after a pony can be a dirty job at times, but somebody has to do it. You can make these cleaning and grooming tasks easier by purchasing the proper brushes and hoses for cleaning and grooming, while forks and shovels are usually required to clean out your pet’s living quarters. Once you have these tools, taking care of your pet shouldn’t be too much trouble for you or other family members.

Equipment to Put on the Horse or Pony

Unlike other pets, a horse or pony requires a lot more equipment so that it can rest, walk, canter, gallop and be ridden properly. The main requirements include professionally fitted horse shoes, a lead rope, a comfortable saddle, reins, bits, spurs, a noseband, head collar and rugs.

Eating and Drinking

Horses and ponies need a high fiber diet and require plenty of water. You should make sure you have clean troughs that are suitable for your horse to eat and drink from. These important pieces of horse equipment can be installed in the animal’s stable or outside.

Health and Safety Equipment

Horses and ponies are powerful animals, so you have to treat them with respect. The more safety measures you put in place, the more you will reduce the likelihood of any serious injuries. If an accident does occur, you need to be able to react quickly and this is why you should always have plenty of first aid supplies available in the area where you keep your horse or pony.

Travel Equipment

In many instances, horse and pony owners have to transport their horses from one place to another. For example, you may have to transport your horse to a vet or to one of the many riding events that take place each year. Because of this, you will need a high quality horse box that will keep your horse or pony safe and secure while you are travelling.

For many people, it’s a dream come true to own their own horse or pony. However, there are certain responsibilities that come with owning these types of pets. Making sure you have the appropriate equipment is one of the most important of these responsibilities.

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