How to take care of my fish? Famous Fish Care Questions & Answers

Here are Some famous questions & answers about Fish Care from Internet.

How do you take care of fish?

depends if its a baby, for that is all i know. do not eat teen fish because they are still growing up and don’t make them mad because that will make their hormones kick in, also female fish tend to get crabby once every month. beware, but make sure to feed
You take care of a fish by feeding it cleaning the aquarium. But the only disadvantage of getting a fish is you can’t really play with it.

What are the easiest fish to take care of?

A betta fish

I do agree a betta fish b/c they do not have to eat for weeks to live and can live in almost every condition. Actualy the can go w/o being in water for at least 2hrs. Although do not forget that eventhough you may want more than 1 betta in a tank they will generaly fight b/c they are the legendary Siameese Fighting Fish. ;P ! 0; betta’s eat da fish flakes yall…

How do you care for newborn molly fish?

1st thing is to remove the babies/frys to a different tank.. possible a 1 feet x 1 feet tank with a sponge filter.

2. get minutely grinded fish flakes or u can beat the fish pellets with small beater/hammer /stone and grind them to powder.

3. fill a small container with this food as u wil need this powdered food for atleast 2-3weeks.

4.feed moderate amount as per no of babies.. feeding should be 2-3 times a day.

donot use power filters or any high suction equipment which might kill the fries.

put some plastic plants so the fries can hide and play around.

put some good light . good food light and water wil make them grow fast.

u can add the fries back to main tank after hey are more then 25m long (1 inch)

How do you care pregnant molly fish?

Exactly the same way you look after any other livebearing fish. 1 inch of fish needs a minimum of 1 gallon of water, a cycled and running filter, and a minimum of 50% of the water changed every week.

You don’t need to treat her any differently because she is pregnant, provided that your normal tank conditions are ideal. Towards the end of her pregnancy she will eat a little more than normal, but not enough so that you would need to noticeably increase the amount of food you put in the tank.

How do you take care of molly and sucker fish?

These fish can be taken care of just like most fish out there. Get a tank with a filter and put them in. Feed the Molly tropical flake food and the ‘sucker fish’ pleco algae tablets.

How do you take care of an oranda fish?

hi, i have a pond here at home and i have 4 orandas plus many carps. they are very delicate fish and they are prone to red spots but if you keep their water clean and they are properly aerated and with good supply of food, you’ll do just fine and enjoy their beauty. They, together with other goldfishes like shubunkins, ryukins, etc, are dirty fishes. They dirt so much, more than carps. One of my orange cap is sick and i’m giving them all treatment. Salt plus a medicine over the counter in your average petshop will do. ok, i have to feed my fish and dogs. if you want to chat, here’s my email adress

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