How to Pursue a Career in Animal Care

Career in Animal Care
A career in animal care can be very rewarding

The world we live in is full of animals, and you don’t have to go out into the country to realise this; they can be found in our homes, in our streets, in parks, in farms, in zoos…animals are everywhere. For many this is something that makes life that much more interesting and enjoyable, and as our furry friends are such an integral and necessary part of culture and society they need looking after. For real animal-lovers, this might seem the ideal job.

It’s very possible to care for animals from day to day by keeping pets or volunteering, but to make a viable career out of it requires a few more considerations. This article shall take a look at some of the things necessary for making a career specialising in animal care.


Animal Care in Egypt
Animal care in Luxor, Egypt

It has been said that if you find a job you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. So if you have a real passion for caring for animals, animal care might be a great career for you and can be a significant part of a happy life. There is a flip side to this; if you want to go into animal care, you really do need to have a passion for it.

Caring for animals might seem a very nice and fun thing to do, but the actual nitty gritty reality of it can sometimes be quite unpleasant and hard-work. You need a real passion for animals to carry you through all the smells, the dirt, the noise and the potential stress that comes with animal care. These are all peripheral issues and if you’re really passionate about your work, they shouldn’t really bother you. However, if you are somewhat lacking in zeal, and want to pursue animal care as it just ‘seems like a good idea,’ you might have a hard time making it work.

Know-How and Experience

Although it is of vital importance, unfortunately passion alone is not enough to pull off a career in animal care. It doesn’t matter how much you care for an animal, if you don’t know how to do it, you won’t really be of much use; there’s only so much that stroking and soothing words can help with. As such, it is important to read up on the subject and really get to know how to properly care for an animal. One of the best means of amassing the necessary knowledge for the job is to enrol onto a course in animal care.

But just knowing what to do is different from being able to do it. Administering anaesthetic with a needle is easy enough on paper, but when you have a distressed and very strong dog struggling while you do it, you may realise that the practical know-how is not always so straight-forward. As such, it’s important to have some experience of caring for animals. Whether this is acquired through voluntary work wherever you can get it or if it’s part of a course, practical experience really brings to life the realities of animal care.


Although the important things you need are passion, knowledge and experience, in this day and age, proof of this is required. As such, without qualifications, you might find it difficult to go very far. A decent qualification in animal care not only proves that you have the necessary knowledge and experience to do the job, but you also are passionate and hard-working enough to finish your course and will be able to handle yourself in the real world of work.


In pursuing a career in animal care it is important to be passionate about animals, but more than this to know exactly how you care for them by having suitable levels of knowledge and experience. The best means of proving these qualities is through completing a course at a well-respected educational establishment that offers a relevant course.

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