How to keep your pets safe during pest control treatment 

When your home is invaded by pests, a pest controller and exterminator can help you get rid of these uninvited guests quickly and effectively. To prepare for the arrival of your technician, you may be asked to remove items from the shelves and pull furniture away from walls.

One of the things you may forget to mention in your pest induced panic is that you have pets, and once you realise you never said anything, you may to start to worry if they will be safe. Here’s what you need to remember to keep your pets safe during any pest control treatments taking place in your home.

Tell your technician 

Unexpected pest problems are stressful, and more stress makes us forget all manner of things. So when you forget to mention your pet, don’t worry, your pest exterminators will ask you instead. Most pest control techniques these days are safe for homes with pets, but it’s essential you take some time to talk to your pest control professional about the pets that live with you. You need to talk them through where they will be when they arrive, and any special precautions you may need to take during their visit and after they leave.

Contain your pets 

Pets are curious, and may feel the need to investigate the new sounds, people and smells that have entered their home. Other pets can be quite frightened of strangers in their home, so it’s best to keep them as relaxed and far away as possible. Their curiosity may bring them too close to the treatment area, so it’s best to keep them in a kennel or a pet carrier. If that’s not possible, close them into an area of your home that’s not being treated, like the garage or kitchen. Most treatments will be confined to targeted areas, but treatments for pests such as fleas and bed bugs requires special considerations for pets.

Birds and fish 

Covering up tanks and cages is essential for these feathery and scaly friends. Birds tend to be more sensitive and susceptible to problems regarding pest control, so if at all possible, remove them from the house for a few days to make sure they are safe.

Early preparation is the key to keeping your pets safe during pest control, but always feel free to ask your pest controller questions.

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