How to Care For a Hermann’s Tortoise

There are several reasons why the Hermann’s tortoise has become one of the most popular tortoises to keep as a pet. Their wild population is stable, they are not difficult to look after, but most of all, they have lots of personality and individuality. Pet owners often think of reptiles as lethargic (quite rightly, in many cases), but the Hermann’s tortoise can be frisky, loves to climb, loves to play, and each individual has a different personality.

Taking Care of a Hermann's TortoiseHermann’s tortoises grow to about 15-18 cm, and require about 10 sq meter to play around in, between the indoor and outdoor enclosures. This makes it feasible to keep them indoors. The best way to build a habitat, according to those in the know, is to lay an old bookcase on its back, remove the shelves, and cover the floor with a suitable substrate mixed compost and play sand. Have a rock at one end under a 100 watt lamp and a full-spectrum UV light, available from any reptile supply store.

You should prepare an outdoor enclosure so your tortoise can get fresh air and sunlight. This needs to be made secure against escape and predators.

Hermann tortoises eat leaves, weeds, and flowers. Dandelions are one of their favorite things. I know some cheapskates who scavenge food for their tortoise in the local park and never spend a penny feeding them. They don’t eat much, only about five times a week.

If looked after properly, your Hermann tortoise will live 75 years. Learn more about taking care of a Hermann’s tortoise.

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