Healing your Pets with Reiki

What is Reiki Healing Energy?

Reiki is a Japanese term for ‘spiritual healing energy‘. The concept is derived from the ‘Kundalini energy‘ mentioned in the yogic texts of ancient India. It is believed that the Buddhist monks from India spread this method around the world. It may be addressed by different names in different cultures (like the life force ‘Chi’ in Chinese), but the root concept remains the same. Reiki has two syllables (Japanese kanji characters), the first one means spiritual and the second one is energy. So reiki literally means ‘spiritual or divine energy’. Some of the Reiki symbols used in healing are from Japanese Buddhism, Shinto and ancient Indian Sanskrit words.

What it does and How it Works?

Reiki Healing for AnimalsOur whole body functions because of vital life energy. This energy flows through our body continuously and nourishes all the vital organs and helps them to function at optimum levels. Whenever there are blockages in the flow of energy, it results in diseases and illness.

The purpose of reiki healing is to channelize the flow of energy within the body to cure the disease. The focus of modern medicine is to suppress the symptoms rather than addressing the cause, however Reiki is a holistic form of medicine which addresses the root cause of the disease and provides a permanent cure.

Reiki healing for animals

Animals are equally receptive for reiki healing. Many pet owners today are drawn to Reiki, because it heals without expensive visits to a vet and provides painless cure to the pets. Reiki healing also benefits animals in a holistic manner post surgery. The post surgery recovery is rapid when the pet is given a reiki treatment.

However there are several cheats who claim to provide reiki healing, so one should select the best reiki healer in your area.

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