Feature Pet Art on Your Wall!

We’re all big fans of pets, no matter whether we have dogs, cats, hamsters or any other domesticated animal living with us in our home. There’s something so rewarding having a pet, and we love to give them the best life possible. So how can we show our pets off even more? The answer is by taking one of those many photos we have of them and turning them into our own art piece!

Pet Art on Your WallPersonally I have hundreds of photos of my two dogs on my computer. My friends and family think I’m a bit crazy but I just love capturing those special moments when they’re running around the park, playing with their toys or just curled up on their beds looking cute and cuddly. And the great thing about all these pet photos we have is that we’ll have some truly great visual memories of them when the inevitable time comes when they have to go.

Before that sad day arrives why don’t you show your pets off by having those photographs printed as wall art for your home? It’s an ideal way to personalise your interior design and you can even have your pet photo printed as pet pop art on canvas which is really popular these day. This is where you have the same photo repeated four times and coloured in, pop art style. Or how about a nice black and white, or sepia, effect for that timeless look?

Having your pet photo printed on canvas could not be easier. There are many online canvas stores that offer this photo to canvas print service, such as Fotoviva Art Prints. Their picture to canvas service allows you to upload your pet photo and choose a canvas print size. Then you simply pay via their secure online system and wait for your pet canvas to arrive in the post.

Most people have some kind of canvas wall art in their homes, and having personalised canvas prints is a great way to show others how much you value your family life. Take it a step further with some pet canvas art and you can inject some life and individuality to your home. If you have several pets in your home you could even get a print on canvas made up for each of them and hang them next to each other to make a lovely feature on the wall. I have a large panoramic canvas print in my dining room which shows both my dogs in one shot, taken on a walk in the Lake District.

Get creative with your pet photos and you can come up with some stunning images which will capture the life and soul of your animal. Alternatively you could find a pet photographer who will photograph your pet in a nice studio. They can either sell you the print file or have it printed on canvas or framed art directly for you. Show your pet how much you love them by making them a feature on the wall – they may even notice who it is!

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