Choosing an appropriate pet food

There are many commercially prepared pet foods available on the market providing owners with a wide range of choice. Excellent marketing plays a huge role in your choice of food by the careful use of colours, pictures and wording. However, too much variety can make it hard to choose a food that is nutritionally complete, and which also meets the requirements of your dog’s life stage and style.

It is therefore important that you take your time to research the foods available in order to discover what will most likely suit your pet’s needs.

Pet Foods
Selecting the right pet food

The life stage of your pet is a major factor to consider as puppies and kittens should be fed the appropriate food to ensure they receive all of the nutrients required for their growing bodies. Senior animals should be fed a senior diet, which reduces the energy content to prevent weight gain. Royal Canin have food specifically designed and formulated for the stages of your pets life, which are nutritionally designed to be balanced and complete. Royal Canin dog food is designed for different breeds of dog catering to the differing requirements and breed characteristics. The food is also shaped to suit the jaws and teeth of the breeds to increase comfort and encourage your dog to eat.

Royal Canin also provide foods that cater to many health problems such as the Royal Canin Urinary SO diet which helps cats that have a feline lower urinary tract disease, or the Royal Canin Sensitity which is a diet especially designed to be highly digestible and hypoallergenic.

Feeding the incorrect food can promote weight gain or weight loss and can even cause health disorders due to malnutrition.

It is important to always check the food labels to ensure that artificial additives and preservatives are not added. Wheat and dairy are also ingredients to avoid as they are unnecessary and are common digestive and skin irritants.

If you are unsure that your pet is receiving a nutritionally complete diet suited to their needs then it is important that you seek veterinary advice.

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