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Canine LoveAs pet owners we’re responsible for giving our puppies the best chance in life. A puppy’s growth and development is very important and there are many products available to help.

Puppies grow much faster than babies. In fact, the first year of a puppy’s development is the most crucial as it is already the stage in which they transition to adulthood.

There are many dog supplements available on the internet that help ensure a healthy growth from puppy to mature dog.

Canine LoveThe Yum Puppy range of products for example, provides ideal support. It works well together with vaccinations by supporting natural immunity. This product also aids brain and eye development.

Everyone knows that the day-to-day care of dogs is a full time responsibility. It can be easy to become a bit lazy about the mundane activities that are essential to a dog’s overall general health. For example, tooth care; recognising potential teeth problems early on when your dog is still a puppy can mean that you avoid bigger ones later on, such as gum disease. Unfortunately many people overlook brushing their dog’s teeth regularly, yet brushing your dog’s teeth for a good dental health is just as important as grooming is for keeping your dog skin conditions optimal.



There are many products available for brushing your dog’s gum and teeth. Canine LoveTooth polish containing natural oils are good for removing tartar and plaque. There are also special teeth cleaning cloths that are more effective than standard toothbrushes, containing antibacterial ions to provide a more thorough clean.

Puppies can sometimes suffer from eye inflammation or ear infection. Debris such as dirt grass or grit can enter the eyes or ears, taking with them a bunch of bacteria that can result in your dog scratching itself excessively. If this is not treated it can eventually cause permanent damage such as blindness or deafness. Micro fibre cloths with silver ions can remove debris and kill bacteria. However, seek veterinary advice first; don’t attempt to do this alone as you could accidentally make the situation a lot worse.

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