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Based on a study conducted by American Pet Products Association (APPA), US citizens spent over $50 billion on pet products in 2011. That amount was spent on things like food, supplies, over the counter medicines, vet care, grooming and boarding of pets. However most of the purchases done by pet owners are impulsive or unplanned resulting in higher recurring expense; planning the purchase in advance and buying wholesale pet supplies can be a great way to save money. It is all the more easy today with several trusted online pet stores that offer great discounts.

Before making a purchase online a pet owner should put together a shopping list.  Pet supplies falls under three major categories: Pet Food, Grooming and Health, and Accessories.

Pet Food: Commercial pet foods are now highly engineered and available in several varieties based on the pet’s age, type and its physical condition. You should choose the right food which provides balanced nutrition to your pet. Make yourself aware of all the options available and their nutrition profile before you make a purchase.To ensure that your pet eats a balanced and nutritious diet, it is best to make yourself aware of the options available and then purchase accordingly.

Grooming & Health: It is very important to groom the pets properly, several studies point to the fact that proper grooming of pets can significantly increase their lifespan. Maintaining a daily routine to take care of your pet’s coat and skin is an important part of grooming. You will be needing good brushes, oils and medicine for proper grooming.

Another major area of concern for every pet owner is tackling the problem of fleas and ticks. There are several flea and tick control medicines, however opting for a natural oil/medicine can be beneficial for the pet over a long run. If you are not opting for a natural treatment, then make sure to read the manufacturer’s instruction on proper usage, side effects and possible adverse reactions before you administer it to your pet. If you are buying these products online, then it is important to choose the right online store, because there are several online stores that sell fake medicines and grooming items.

Accessories:  Accessories includes items like bedding, blanket, collar, leash and pet toys. While buying these, you just need to make sure that these products don’t induce an allergic reaction in your pets.

Online shopping provides the a twin advantage over conventional retail stores; they offer a wide range of products and also at reasonable prices. You can track your orders and also subscribe for better rates. Some of these stores will also have an in house vet; so that you can consult them before making a purchase decision. You can also consult your vet before shopping, as a vet consultation will help you greatly in devising a proper purchase plan that is ideal for your pet.

Once your shopping list is ready you can then compare prices offered by different wholesale vendors. There are several online pet products stores that offers huge discounts and free shipping.

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