Best Canine Hikes in Alberta

What better way to exercise and spend quality time with your furry friend then hiking the beautiful trails in Canada? Below is a list of our favourite hikes in the Rocky Mountains:

Canmore (Three Sisters Hike): The infamous Three Sisters Peaks is known for its fascinating footage of mountainous terrain. The first or third sister is the one you should attempt with your canine. The middle sister is still very unexplored and requires a lot of skill. You wouldn’t want to take your pup, because there are some cliffs, and it might fall! Expect to witness panoramic views when you get to the top! After, stay in the pet friendly accommodations of Solara canmore deals.

Canine Hiking in AlbertaBanff National Park (Sunshine Meadows): The hike starts at the ski lodge over the ridges of the Great Divide. You walk above the treeline, and pass through beautiful meadows, eventually landing at a lake. The lake is called Rock Isle Lake, is on top of a mountain, and is perfect for canine swimming. The only way to the top of the trail is by shuttle bus. The bus obviously does not allow dogs so you’ll have to clim over 3,500 feet up the mountain to start your hike.

Jasper National Park (Maligne Lake): There are lots of beautiful hiking trails which start near the lake. Expect to see some beautiful ponds, full of trout, as well as young doe deer. If your dog likes to hunt, make sure you can control her so she doesn’t disrupt the habitat of the wildlife. The ground is very soft and mossy¬† (perfect for your canine’s paws) and very spacious (making it an excellent running ground). Remember to take your camera and snap lots of pictures.

Jasper (Ski Trails): is an awesome dog town, an everyone seems to have one. It’s like going to a catholic church in a small village, and everyone has babies. There are lots of elk in Jasper, which can get ferocious if you or your dog goes near their young. You’ll also find lots of lakes (great for canine swimming), beaches in the summer, and trails of the beaten path (perfect for exploring). Be mindful of bears; attacks can be prevented by putting a bell on your dog’s collar and being loud.

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