Are you prepared for a pet?

At some point in your life you’ll probably take an interest in owning a pet of some sort, assuming you haven’t already, of course.  For most people, such a desire often stems from needing companionship, i.e. – as a means of combating loneliness (which is more rampant these days than most might realize).  However, whether or not you’re actually ready to become a pet owner is another issue altogether, it would seem.

Owning a PetFor example, there’s the issue of responsibility.  In short, if you’re not ready to assume the duties associated with caring for an animal, it’s probably best to avoid the issue altogether.  Of course, if you’re ready to make some changes, and are quite serious about your role as a pet owner, perhaps such a thing is possible after all.  Naturally, this means that you will need to remain vigilant over a long period of time – there’s no point in adopting a little critter if you’re going to end up growing tired of it and/or abandoning your responsibilities after a few months.  In other words, before you pick up a pet, ask yourself “am I fully committed to this?”  Keep in mind, this might mean that you will need to care for your little friend for years (decades, in the case of some pets).

Next, take a look at the environment that you live in.  If your living arrangements or general level of cleanliness isn’t up to par, you’re probably going to inflict a lot of unnecessary suffering upon your pet.  Moreover, it should also go without saying that you don’t want to bring a pet into your living space if it’s forbidden by your landlord, etc…

Lastly, there are the obligatory health and medical considerations to attend to.  For example, if you own a dog or a cat, you might be required by city law to have them immunized, and these things cost money.

Assuming that you do decide to spring for pet ownership, just remember to be sensible, compassionate and reasonable.

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