5 Tips to Help You Pick Winning Dogs Consistently

If you keep losing at the races, then you probably think that you’ve just got really bad luck. But, whilst there’s no exact method to use to make sure that you pick the right dogs and win your bets, there are plenty of tactical strategies that you can use to help you pick the right greyhound to back.

Although there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll never experience a loss, these five tips can help you improve your winnings at the track.

Tip #1. Using Tip Services

Signing up to the top greyhound tips from the experts can be a great way to always make sure that you’re backing the right runners. You can sign up to tips sent straight to your e-mail inbox, or even download an app to your smartphone or tablet to access the latest information on the best dogs to back, on the go. This is especially useful for newcomers to greyhound racing, who may not know all that much about what to look out for to pick a winner.

Tip #2. Find a Mentor

Are you new to betting on greyhounds and keep finding that your choices aren’t all that great? If so, then you could benefit from some mentoring. Perhaps you have a friend or family member who’s more experienced than you are at placing good bets; if this is the case then it may be worth asking them to share their secrets and provide you with some great advice. Or, you can even find people online who are willing to help you get more from greyhound betting for a small fee.

Tip #3. Do Your Research

Before you can be sure that you’ve chosen the right dog to back, it’s a wise idea to carry out extensive research to find out as much as you can about what to look for. Unless you’re already quite knowledgeable on greyhounds and dog racing, it’s likely that you won’t have the expertise needed to make a truly worthwhile choice. You can find a huge array of information about grade, form, and the worth of racing dogs online.

Tip #4. Bet Wisely

Sometimes, betting a smaller amount and accepting a lower win is a better decision to make when betting on greyhounds. Like humans and other animals who race, greyhounds aren’t machines – they all have their off days, and there’s always a chance that the awesome dog you’ve backed simply isn’t feeing it today. So, be careful when betting and set out a strict budget so you don’t end up overspending. Never place bets to try and win your losses back!

Tip #5. Be Consistent

The most successful bettors are those who are consistent with their choices. If you’ve found a dog that appears to win or be placed in the top three consistently, then it’s wise to stick to this choice until something better crops up. Granted, even the best greyhound will not win every single race that they are entered in, but regular winners are usually the safest bet option.

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